In the rush to accomplish our goals, we can sometimes become myopic and take shortcuts that will not yield the best outcomes. Taking a step back allows us to be more mindful in all aspects of our lives. 

Slowing down to create greater progress

Being intentional: Reducing speed can often lead to greater progress in the long run. A slower, steadier approach allows us to gain a better understanding of where we want to go and how best to get there.

Quality: Taking a step back and readjusting our pace can help us be more thoughtful in forming plans to reach our objectives. We need not rush down the path chosen by others, or even see whatever is immediately before us — slowing down allows for mindful decision making that will lead to successful outcomes.

Sustainability: To achieve long-term success, a steady and sustainable approach is preferable to attempted feats of unrealistic productivity. A balanced blend between work time and restful recovery are essential.

With an intentional shift to a slower pace, we can find ourselves making smarter choices with stronger connections and more fulfilling experiences. Traveling at a less frantic rate may seem counter-intuitive but it is actually the key for longterm success and wellbeing.

Adding moments of "slowness" into all aspects of your daily routine

Slow Fashion: It's is an increasingly popular method of consumption that prioritises sustainability and ethics. It encourages us to focus on timeless designs, purchase better quality garments less often, and take our time in considering ethical aspects when buying clothing. By incorporating these practices into our closet choices we can make a real contribution towards creating a more sustainable fashion industry for everybody's benefit.

Forming connections: By taking the time to be mindful and actively listen, we can foster an understanding of another's unique perspective and develop our empathy.

Decision making: By taking time to reflect and being aware of the present, we gain freedom from rushed decisions. Take a breath and give yourself the opportunity for mindful deliberation.

Slow and steady often wins the race. When it comes to important tasks or goals, taking a step back and asking "why the rush" can be extremely beneficial in achieving better outcomes. Although there may be times when speed is of utmost importance, increased intentionality will usually prevail over hastiness.

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January 19, 2023 — Moin Journal