From the outset, I have advocated for sustainability, fully aware that it may not always be the most cost-effective or straightforward path to take. However, as an advocate for sustainable materials and practices, I am committed to sourcing only the best fabrics that align with our brand values of doing things in a better way for the planet and its people.

Photo: In the fabric sample room

Recently, I was lucky enough to visit our textile mill in Portugal where our responsibly made fabrics are produced. It was amazing to witness what goes into making a fabric, from sourcing the raw materials to experiencing the soft touch and feel of our exquisite final fabrics. During our visit, what truly stood out was the mill's dedication to implementing sustainability efforts, ensuring that environmental considerations are integrated into its operations. From reducing water and energy consumption to implementing eco-friendly practices throughout the production process, the mill's commitment to sustainability is evident in its actions and initiatives.

With each passing season, we are continuously educating ourselves and growing stronger in this space, furthering our commitment to making a positive impact. Meeting our like-minded partners makes the journey to creating a better world so much more hopeful. The experience was made even more special by the presence of my mother, Hilde, who accompanied me.  

Exploring the mill

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Portugal, the textile mill stands as a beacon of sustainability in the industry. Upon arrival, we were greeted with warm Portugese hospitality. We were taken on a comprehensive tour of the facility, where every step of the fabric production process was explained.

The process begins with the sourcing and preparation of fibres. Natural fibres are first cleaned to remove any impurities or foreign matter. The drawn and combed fibres are then fed into spinning machines. In the spinning process, the fibres are twisted together to form yarn. Once the yarn is spun, it is wound onto bobbins or cones for further processing or storage. The winding process ensures that the yarn is neatly packaged and ready for the next stage of production. 

Photo: Intricacies of creating designs in fabric

The cotton we source proudly holds the Better Cotton Initiative certification, signifying our commitment to sustainable and ethical cotton production practices. Additionally, both the cotton and our Tencel are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100, ensuring that they have been rigorously tested for harmful substances and are safe for human use. 

Creating the fabric 

The spun yarn is then used to create fabrics through weaving. In weaving, the yarn is interlaced at right angles to create a woven fabric. After the fabric is woven, it undergoes various finishing processes to enhance its appearance, texture, and performance. Throughout the entire process, strict quality control measures are implemented to ensure that the yarn and fabric meet the required standards for strength, durability, colour fastness, and other properties.

Photo: In the workroom 

Our mill has an unwavering commitment to minimising waste throughout the production process. Innovative recycling methods are employed to repurpose any leftover materials. For instance, any unusable fabric materials are later repurposed to fill stuffed animals. Moreover, the mill actively seeks out eco-friendly alternatives for water and energy consumption, thereby further reducing its environmental footprint.

Harnessing solar power

As we walked through the factory, we were happy to learn that the mill prioritises sustainable energy sources. A significant portion of the factory's power is generated through solar panels, harnessing the abundant sunlight of the Portuguese countryside. This dedication to renewable energy not only reduces carbon emissions but also sets a commendable example for the industry as a whole.

Selecting materials for our next collection

We had the pleasure of exploring some of the latest fabric innovations in the industry and selecting materials for our next collection. Continuously seeking innovative and sustainable fabrics and trimmings, we are passionate about every detail. Witnessing the latest advancements in buttons and other accessories was truly inspiring.

Our visit to meet our wonderful partners in Portugal was an experience that reaffirmed our commitment to sustainable practices. As we continue to prioritise quality and sustainability, we are proud to partner with such dedicated individuals who share our vision for a more sustainable future.

— Lisa 

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March 07, 2024 — Lisa Niemann