Our Values


We manufacture locally in New Zealand to form lasting partnerships with our makers. Working closely with our sewers means we can leverage their craftsmanship and bring their expertise into every garment we make. Keeping production in our home base means we are able to support the local industry, and keep transport and emissions low.


We are committed to designing ethical and sustainable garments, and hold ourselves accountable for the entire lifetime of a piece. We use exclusively high quality fibres that are considerate of the environment and the people involved in development. We are focussed on single fibre use. Currently, we work with 100% cotton and TENCEL™ for our collections.


To achieve true sustainability we need to balance social, environmental and economic factors in equal harmony. Our goal is to collaborate with the industry, and together create an economy that puts these things first. It means we use our resources responsibly, so that we can sustain a business that is able to act mindfully, and offer a long term solution.

Model wearing cotton shorts in colour sand

Certified Materials

We champion the use of natural certified fibres to promote a more transparent industry. By using certified fibres and fabrics in our designs, we lean on larger international auditing organisations and have every trust they ensure that suppliers hold up to date certifications that guarantee the values and code of conduct of certification requirements. 

Our fabric and thread are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 — which means every thread and material used has been tested for harmful substances and therefore is harmless for human health. In addition, we will work towards getting each product certified to be able to provide our community with an individual certification number. This means consumers can check the validity of OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 labels at any time by simply entering the label number into the Oeko-Tex Label Check. 


We partner with Usedfully, New Zealand's circular system that is dedicated to making sure no clothing item ends up in landfill. Instead, textiles are transformed to reach their full potential through innovation and technology. Collaborating with the industry means we're working towards a long-term sustainable future. We want to ensure that our business can be part of this transition, and contribute in whatever way possible to a low-carbon future for our industry.

Collective Change

We recognise that we can't do it alone. The need for industry collaboration is paramount to driving innovation, and creating lasting change. Moin is a proud member of Mindful Fashion New Zealand. Mindful Fashion unites Aotearoa New Zealand’s fashion and textiles industry to build an innovative, full circle and thriving future for all.