The traditional fashion sales cycle has often been plagued by overproduction and excess waste. The pressure to constantly churn out new styles has led to an unsustainable pattern of creating garments that might never find their way into a wardrobe. At Moin, we believe it's time for a change – a change that's not only beneficial for you, the discerning shopper, but also for the environment we all share.

Flipping the sales cycle

With a deep commitment to responsible practices, we focus on creating pieces that are as mindful as they are simply beautiful. Our approach is refreshingly different. Instead of the conventional release model, where clothing is often overproduced with little regard for actual demand, we're giving you the power to decide what gets made. 

Breaking away from tradition, we've launched our new New Season TENCEL™ collection with an exclusive 15% pre-order discount. This approach enables you to secure your favourite pieces ahead of the official release, all while playing a significant role in reducing waste.

By accurately forecasting demand, we're sidestepping overproduction, eliminating the need to offload unsold end-of-season items. It's a stand against needless waste, a refusal of the throwaway culture synonymous with fast fashion. Yet, this isn't just about exclusivity; it's about responsibility. When you choose to pre-order, you become an essential part of a powerful movement that's transforming the fashion landscape. 

Enjoy 15% Early-Bird discount 

Ready to shop mindfully and embrace the comfort of TENCEL™? Head over to and dive into our New Season collection.

September 19, 2023 — Lisa Niemann