Our Story

Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with founding roots originating in New Zealand, Moin is a female-led independent clothing brand dedicated to designing versatile loungewear with a focus on certified natural fibres. Moin is committed to creating positive change by making conscious decisions around materials and promoting a future where fibres are sustainable, and quality is never sacrificed. An appreciation for our planet and our people drives us to find better ways of doing things.

We seek to create meaningful moments with pieces that foster mindfulness and relaxation, extending wellbeing into wardrobes around the world. With lifestyles evolving, there is an increasing need for comfortable clothing that will both feel and look great in any context. Our pieces are designed for the rising demand of those looking to add a touch of sophistication to their practical wardrobe.


Lisa Niemann's diverse upbringing has been instrumental in shaping the design philosophy of Moin. Growing up in Germany, studying in Sweden, and spending time with her mother's side of the family in Belgium, have all served as invaluable sources of inspiration for her creative vision. Her roots translate to clean, modern and simple lines. She brings a unique combination of modern sophistication and playful spirit to her designs.

Lisa has always been drawn to the power of a good self-care routine. While working from both in and out of the home, her desire to cultivate a more intentional wardrobe to suit her lifestyle grew. Lisa wanted her daily wardrobe to allow her to feel comfortable and look polished, giving her a sense of calm and confidence. Lisa wanted loungewear, with less “lounge” and a bit more “wear”. This desire, partnered with her personal values, led her to identify a space in her wardrobe for well made, elevated and conscious loungewear, with versatility to be worn beyond the home.

Moving to New Zealand in 2005 allowed her the opportunity to connect deeply with nature, stirring a passion to protect both its beauty and those that inhabit it. Now based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Lisa is focussed on building a brand that promises a new age of luxury — embracing sustainable practices, comfort and versatility. She felt a responsibility not to add to the growing environmental issues in the world, which led her to work with certified materials and partner with like-minded makers to create products that are made with minimal impact to the environment.

Model wearing loungewear top and putting a knot in the tie

Premium Quality

Quality is part of our identity. We don't take shortcuts and make premium elevated essentials with care and precision. Our attention to detail in every stitch shows in the final product. Every piece is finished with a French seam to create a perfect finish to your garment. The goal of our process is to create things you will love and trust that they are durable.


Sustainability is not a goal, it is a guiding principle that we carry into the way we think, act and are. It is about understanding our impact, setting achievable goals and sharing progress.

We are committed to making conscious decisions around materials and production, bringing ethical practices and innovation to what we do, and think circular instead of linear. It's about making a positive impact on the textile industry over time. Our aim is to make a meaningful difference and be transparent along the way.