Environment and resources

Where our clothes end up is as important as where they come from. Our business was founded on the idea of designing garments with complete life cycles in mind from materials sourcing through to production. Our goal is for our customers to return their worn clothing when it needs repairing, or is beyond repair. We can either mend it for you or upcycle it into something new to ensure Moin garments never end up in landfill. This way, we extract greater value from our clothing, reducing environmental impacts and saving resources.

Mending program

Clothing is designed to be worn. Good news is, our clothes are made tough, designed to last a lifetime. However, with wear comes tear over time. If your piece needs quick mending done, we're happy to repair at no cost. However, if it requires a bigger repair job we may charge a small repair fee. Get in touch for advice and we can work through getting it repaired for you. 

Upcylcing program

Upcycling is an innovative way to make old clothes into something new that is reintroduced to the market. This process involves taking garments that are worn out or damaged, and transforming them into pieces of clothing or similar items for someone else. Upcycling is a sustainable alternative to clothing ending up in landfill. We are a brand that seeks creative ways to recycle our materials responsibly, so we're proud to team up with Usedfully to develop these types of programs in the future.